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Large material installations and transplanting projects are best left to the experienced professionals at DeSantis Landscaping, Inc. Careful attention to recommended practices --including proper seasonal schedule, root pruning, methods of digging, protection of roots and noting plant orientation-- improves chances of success in getting a plant off to a good start after it's moved.

Root pruning is an important first step. Roots of trees and shrubs naturally grow well beyond the soil volume that can be moved with balled and burlapped transplants. To keep most of the roots within a small area, trees and shrubs are typically root pruned in the spring or fall before they are moved. Root pruning is done only after leaves have fallen from deciduous plants in fall or before bud break in spring. Root pruning at other times may damage plants severely.

At DeSantis Landscaping, Inc. we will use the proper equipment and employ digging, handling and replanting techniques that are proven to increase the success rate of your large transplant on new installation.




Before, During & After

Slide left and right to view the transformation.

Before & After

Slide left and right to view the transformation.